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    Fibre Optic Manned Penetrator

Hydro Group launches first-ever Fibre Optic Manned Penetrator for submersibles, diving bells and deck decompression chambers


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After an extensive period of customer feedback, R&D, prototype evaluation and successful field trials, Hydro Group is pleased to announce the launch of its first-ever fibre optic manned penetrator for submersibles, diving bells and deck decompression chambers.

The new penetrator is fully Lloyd’s Register of Shipping type approved to operate in manned systems up to a depth of 650 metres. Since 2019, the engineering team has been developing its range of penetrators to provide enhanced performance, including better optical insertion loss, increased pressure to 65 bar, and faster data transfer speed, providing improved performance and communications between the topside vessel and the manned subsea system.

The design of our fibre optic manned penetrator allows for signals to be transmitted more securely and with increased speed and bandwidth. This improvement in data transfer between the topside vessel and divers within the bell or manned submersible is a real step forward. Designed, manufactured and qualified by Hydro Group, our range of fibre optic penetrators eliminate the need for cable screening, as fibre optics are not subject to the signal interference which can plague traditional penetrator designs.

Heather Andrade - Head of Sales commented - “Customer feedback has shown a clear desire for smarter and faster fibre optic penetrators. With current and future requirements for increased levels of bandwidth for data communications and video monitoring, we believe our range of upgrades, and the launch of our first-ever fibre optic manned penetrator demonstrates our huge commitment to subsea solutions. Designed, developed, engineered, manufactured and type-tested by our in-house team, our range of performance penetrators is at the forefront of harsh environment requirements. Our products have been extensively tested both internally and externally and field-proven on local, national and international projects.”

Mark Hendry - Technical Business Support said - “Adding fibre optic capability to our range of submersible, diving bell and deck decompression penetrators negates the need for the use of traditional junction boxes, ensuring that fewer penetrations through the hull of the diving bell are required compared to older systems which do not make use of fibre optics. Our engineering team has made significant improvements in upgrading our range of penetrators, we can now offer the most advanced fibre optic manned and unmanned penetrators on the market. Subsea product innovation, design and manufacture is the core strength and capability of Hydro Group.

In 2019, following demand for deeper subsea applications, Hydro Group became one of the first subsea penetrator manufacturers to offer fully type-approved (both LRS & DNV) manned submersible electrical penetrators for use at a working depth of up to 650 MSW (Metre seawater).”

Our upgraded range of fibre optic penetrators and our first-ever fibre optic manned penetrator is now available to order. Please call 01224 825 050 or e-mail your enquiry to Hydro Group (Aberdeen, Scotland, UK).

Features and benefits

• tested extensively for performance and endurance
• safe performance up to 65 bar of pressure (650MSW)
• better optical insertion loss
• fully LRS approved to operate in manned systems up to a depth of 650 metres
• available in titanium, brass and stainless steel 316
• signals transmitted more securely, increased speed and bandwidth
• negates the need for the use of external junction boxes
• terminated, ensuring a snug and reliable connection every time
• approved by ABS, Lloyds & DNV
• easy-to-use, inexpensive, fast delivery