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Defence & Nuclear

With its heritage in oil & gas connectivity solution design and manufacture, Hydro Group has participated in a huge number of high profile defence & nuclear industry projects since the early 90s, providing total solutions to a portfolio of prime defence & nuclear-related contractors including the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

With decades of experience, Hydro Group has become a major operator and supplier, providing solutions for specialist defence & nuclear industry applications. Hydro Group is at the forefront in the development of key technologies, with involvement from prototype concept through to design and manufacture. Projects include active towed sonar, bow and dipping sonar, ROV minehunter, subsea acoustic signature, acoustic buoy, tethered communications and mast systems, non-penetrative mast optical communications, flank array sonar, mine countermeasure systems, and acoustic hull recognition.

Hydro Group designs and manufactures several key defence & nuclear industry related products including purpose-built electrical, fibre optic and hybrid cables, connectors, electrical and optical connection systems for data, power and signal transmission, ROV umbilicals, illuminated LED tethers, submarine hull and bulkhead penetrators, glands, splice blocks, video, and cable assemblies and terminations.

With certification approval to ISO 9001 : 2008, our range of electrical and optical cables, connectors, penetrators, glands, cable assemblies, and terminations are designed and manufactured in-house to exact requirements for specific oil & gas related projects. Third-party verification on our testing procedures can also be delivered by surveying companies including Lloyd’s Register, Det Norske Veritas and American Bureau of Shipping.

• Design, engineering, manufacture, testing, certification

• Purpose-built electrical, fibre optic, hybrid cables, cable assemblies

• Connectors, connection systems for data, power and signal transmission

• ROV umbilicals, illuminated LED tethers, submarine hull and bulkhead penetrators

• Submarine glands, splice blocks, and terminations

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