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Investing in the Future of Cable Extrusion


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Hydro Group has completed their latest phase of a circa £1million investment programme with the installation and commissioning of a new cable extrusion line within the cable manufacturing arm of the business.

Head of Sales, Heather Andrade commented… “In order to meet the ever-increasing requirements of our defence, renewable, oil and gas markets, we identified the need to manufacture longer, heavier and more complex cables, increase our capacity and improve our turnaround times”.

Hydro Group worked closely with industry specialists over the last 18 months to define a fully automated line allowing us to expand our product portfolio of bespoke subsea cables for harsh environments.

According to Hydro Cable Systems Production manager, Tom Blevins…” With challenges both to some existing and increasing new design concepts, I am delighted to have the backing of the business to help my team meet these demands. The reliability and confidence these investments will bring to the workforce allow us to continue to push forward in these very challenging times. The new line allows us to efficiently extrude cables with an increased weight capacity of 15 Tonnes, up to a diameter of 110mm and at speeds of 20m/min”.

Together with bespoke manufactured Caterpillar units and the automated control system, this represents a major upgrade for the facility. The new line will streamline the whole extrusion process increasing the efficiency of the manufacturing plant and allowing the operators the ability to move more freely between assets. It will mean an enhanced capability for the company in terms of the cable designs they can offer to all marine and subsea markets.

Robert Zielinski, Operations Technical Support, Hydro Cable Systems… “Increased confidence in equipment will greatly increase the teams’ peace of mind in their day to day tasks and make life easier for everyone. A great morale boost for the team!”