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Marine Renewable Energy

Since the turn of the Millennium, Hydro Group has been providing bespoke connectivity solutions for specialist marine renewable energy applications. With decades of experience, working in the marine renewable energy sector was a natural evolution and extension of our business, our engineering, and our technology. Today, Hydro Group can harness decades of experience in subsea connectivity engineering, to build advanced and robust marine renewable energy solutions.

We’re at the forefront in the development of cables, terminations, connectors, and junction boxes, with involvement from the initial prototype stage through to design, manufacture, testing, certification, and installation. Our cable and connectivity solutions can withstand the harshest environmental conditions on earth, including saltwater, solar effects, storm-force winds, dynamic tidal, and wave motion.

Currently, Hydro Group offers two tried-and-proven connectivity solutions, our 24kV Power Distribution Hub (PDH) and our 36kV Hydro Renewable Connector (HRC). We have undertaken projects in many challenging environments around the world, installing subsea connectivity solutions in France to South Korea, and collaborated with regional partners to deliver solutions on time and within budget.

36kV Hydro Renewable Connector (HRC): The HRC range of 12kV and 36kV connectors are the evolution of our original junction box design which reduced installation time from 1 week to less than 12 hours. With a service life of 25 years, their function is to connect two subsea 3-phase electrical cables without compromising either circuit, on the seabed, and while being lowered from and raised to the ship deck.

24kV Power Distribution Hub (PDH): Hydro Group’s Power Distribution Hub allows multiple energy devices to be connected to a single export cable, reducing the number of shore cables required and cutting the costs of the subsea cabling infrastructure for renewables projects. The hub utilises similar technology and 16" pipe flange interface as our HRC connector range. It means that HRC connectors or caps can be attached and removed quickly and securely, without the need for repeated re-terminations. The operating line voltages cover up to 24kV systems. Dual water ingress protection, as well as anti-corrosion properties, were incorporated into the design from the earliest stage, providing reliable sealing with a 20-year operational lifespan.

With certification approval to ISO 9001 : 2008, our electrical and optical connectors, associated subsea electrical cable terminations, specialist underwater and harsh environment electrical and optical composite cables, tethers, and umbilical cables are designed and manufactured in-house to exact requirements. Third-party verification on our testing procedures can also be delivered by surveying companies including Lloyd’s Register, Det Norske Veritas, and American Bureau of Shipping.

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