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Successful project delivery in challenging times


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Despite current challenges presented by Covid-19, September saw a flurry of projects reaching completion at Hydro Group, with despatches to major clients within the subsea domain.

Subsea umbilicals, bespoke connector assemblies and strain terminated hang-off systems were amongst the products heading out to supply projects in Spain, Africa, Canada and the North Sea covering applications within all four of the companies’ main markets – Oil & Gas, Renewables, Defence and Oceanographic Monitoring Systems.

The vast majority of the projects delivered comprise bespoke engineered solutions for specific subsea connectivity challenges in some highly dynamic and harsh subsea environments. They were designed by their own specialist in-house team of electrical, mechanical and process engineers, all manufactured within the company’s custom-built facility in Aberdeen by highly skilled technicians.

Doug Whyte - Managing Director commented ..."Hydro Group is responding quickly to business disruption, nobody can overstate the impact that Covid-19 has had upon business so far in 2020. The impact individually and collectively has been historic, yet challenging as it is, we pull together like never before. So many of our basic procedures and assumptions around the way we work together as a team locally, nationally and internationally have been turned upside down. The challenges of the pandemic have taken hold and are generally now understood, and most companies including Hydro Group are bringing on-board new strategies including technology and revised leadership styles.