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Assemblies - Subsea Renewable Power Take offs

Hydro Group provides complete connectivity solutions to the subsea renewable energy industry, from concept through to design, manufacture and project management. Our experienced engineering team has completed many unique connectivity projects for the subsea renewable energy industry. Supporting our design engineering team is a professional team of fully trained and equipment certified electrical engineers and technicians.

We provide complete interconnection arrangements including the extension to the export cable, power distribution hub, array cables, and subsystem connectivity. We provide a long-lasting, secure solution suited to Atlantic seawater conditions using tried-and-tested methods to ensure maximum reliability.

Our custom-built stainless steel Power Distribution Hub (PDH) allows flexible in-line connections without compromising reliability or ease of operation. The PDH’s modular design greatly reduced its footprint as well as the number of shore cables required, cutting cabling infrastructure costs. Dual water ingress protection, as well as anti-corrosion properties, were incorporated into the design from the earliest stage, providing reliable sealing with a 25-year operational lifespan. Cable integrity can be monitored at any time from a shore installation through the use of auxiliary loopback connectors, making the setup futureproof and reliable.

Our 36kV Hydro Renewable Connector (HRC) allows a device cable to be connected with an export cable, permitting two subsea three-phase electrical cables to be mated without compromising the circuit. The PDH and HRC are two pioneering subsea connectivity solutions designed and built in-house by Hydro Group.

• Deployed in a range of seabed conditions
• Low environmental impact
• Corrosion protection
• Dual water ingress protection
• Third part qualification
• Maintenance-free
• Cost-effective solution
• 25-year operational lifespan

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