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Hydro Group Trexon family tree

The Trexon Family Tree

There are two divisions within Trexon: Industrial Products and Engineered Products. Industrial Products is comprised of TPCMilRail, and Pittsburgh Wire and Cable, and its products are manufactured to provide top performance in the most demanding environments. Engineered Products is comprised of Cicoil, EZ Form CableHydro GroupICS, and FEC, and its products are designed into exacting and mission-critical applications.

As a member of the Trexon Engineering Products Group, Hydro Group Systems Inc is proud to introduce you to our other cable solutions group member companies:

Hydro Group Limited

The Hydro Group manufactures and tests complete subsea electrical and optical interconnect package for the oil and gas, marine renewable energy and defense industries. Their bespoke cables and connectors are designed, precision-engineered, manufactured and tested to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. 


Cicoil invented flat cables in 1956, and we are the world’s leading manufacturer of flat cables and flat cable assemblies, complete with virtually any connector. In addition to our full line of standard cables, our Online Flat Cable Configurator lets you design literally millions of variations of flat cables, to exactly fit your needs. Our flat cables can easily combine power, signal, data, video, air, and liquid, all in one compact, sleek flat cable.  Cicoil Flat Cables and Assemblies are used in thousands of demanding applications, in a wide variety of industries.

EZ Form Cable

EZ Form Cable, a member of TPC Wire & Cable’s Engineering Products Group, is an AS9100Dcertifiedmanufacturer ofCoaxial Cable,Coaxial Cable Assemblies, RF ConnectorsandCoaxial Delay Lines. EZ Form RF, Microwave, and Millimeterwave transmission line solutions offer proven performance for critical applications in Mil/Aero, Telecommunications, Medical, Instrumentation, and Test. 

The First Electronics Corporation

Founded in 1955, The First Electronics Corporation (FEC) specializes in the manufacture of over-molded, extra-flexible, multi-conductor, fully EMI-shielded cable assemblies, harnesses and electro-mechanical assemblies custom built for military applications and harsh environments. Our highly-specialized products are used in mission-critical applications where strict quality and calibration standards are required and failure is not an option. FEC also produces electro-mechanical assemblies and systems for custom applications, all with no minimum quantity requirements.  FEC is ISO 9001:2015 and IPC/WHMA-A-620 Certified.

ICS Integrated Cable Systems

Integrated Cable Systems, Inc. is a Colorado based supplier of custom cables, harnesses, electro-mechanical assemblies, and industrial panels.  We are a turn-key supplier who helps sophisticated customers; design, select components, manufacture, document and test a broad range of custom interconnect products.